Urban8 Gallery

Updates & Construction Progress

Urban8 is coming soon! Take a look below to see our progress towards our launch in May 2018!


Our team posing for a picture
before the ground breaking ceremony.
Lots to look forward to!


The groundbreaking is underway!
The Urban8 team signs the spade used
to initiate construction.


Look for our sign off Highway
121 in The Colony! Get ready for
our gran opening in March!


The lot excavation is going well
and progress is on pace for March!
Get ready DFW!


The forecast for Urban8 today
is a lot of dirt! The dirt has to
go for Urban8 to grow!


The team members working on the construction
of Urban8 are talented and efficient!
Thank you for the hard work!


The concrete foundation for the
the building has been poured! Construction
is on track for our Grand Opening!


Our LED sign is finally up!
Look for it as you drive by The Colony
on State Highway 121!


The Urban8 structure has started going up!
It’s not much yet but we’re already having fun.
We’re excited for our opening and so should you!


Rome wasn’t built in a day!
It’s so exciting to see our vision
really starting to come to life!


With a few minor setbacks due to weather,
the Urban8 building is finally looking put together.
We can’t wait to celebrate with you soon!


Urban8’s exterior is completed!
We have officially started counting
down the days until our grand opening!