When it comes to kids, parents will probably always wonder why they seem to be so picky about the food they eat when they are young. While we have heard stories of children who will eat almost anything, those seem to be mythical unicorns in the world of parenting. If you don’t have a unicorn under your roof, then you’ll want to keep reading to learn our best tips for pleasing your picky eaters, and stop by Urban 8 in The Colony for our broad selection of delicious food and family-friendly restaurants!

Tip #1: Serve Veggies in Unique Ways

For some kids, it’s not so much that they don’t like to eat their veggies, but rather they just don’t like the way they’re presented. You might try cutting them up and putting them in a small glass or mug. Another option is to serve them in their natural state to give your children something to look at while they eat. For example, leave the green tops on the carrots and watch your child play with them while they eat!

Tip #2: Reference Their Favorite Characters

We don’t know about you, but a certain muscle-bound sailor and a sassy bunny are the reasons that we tried canned spinach and carrots when we were growing up. The next time you serve celery sticks, make sure to tell your kiddo that they are eating celery just like the Wonder Pets.

Tip #3: Put Food on a Stick

For some weird reason, kids think that everything tastes better when it’s put on a stick. When you think about corn dogs and chocolate-covered frozen bananas, how can you argue with their logic? Try skewering grapes for their next healthy snack, and watch them have fun popping each grape off the stick and into their mouth.

Tip #4: Sauce it Up

Maybe your child has decided that they really don’t like broccoli or other veggies. If this is the case, don’t give up! Instead, try serving veggies with a delicious dipping sauce like ranch or bleu cheese. Both of you might be surprised at how much they suddenly like to eat their veggies!

Tip #5: Be a Good Role Model

Children are much smarter than they are often given credit for. If you are struggling to get your picky eater to expand their food horizons, then make sure that you are setting a good example for them with what you eat and drink. If you tell them to do one thing but you do another, then they probably will be more likely to follow the example you’re setting, rather than what you’re saying.

Tip #6: Be Patient 

Last but not least, don’t forget that most good things in life take time. While these tips are not meant to be sure-fire solutions, they should help — given time. One of the greatest keys to success in the world of parenting is to be consistent. When your child sees that you say what you mean, you consistently stick to your words, and you model the behaviors you want from them, they will eventually move out of their picky phase. In the meantime, if you have concerns about the amount of daily vitamins and minerals that they are getting, be sure to speak with their pediatrician.

Urban 8 knows that everyone, even unicorns, need a change of pace and variety when it comes to their food. We are proud to offer a food court with a wide assortment of family-friendly restaurants, sports bars, and more. Be sure to come visit and discover the dinner and entertainment that we offer in The Colony.