The Best Countries for Foodies

They say “eat well, travel often.” Or, rather, we say it. And we’re right.

Yes, your mother does probably make the best meatloaf in the world but hear us out – there’s a whole world out there (and a lot of other moms, too, and a lot of them cook pretty well.)

Odds are, you live in a country. Don’t live your whole life having never left that country, mostly because you’re missing out on a lot of great food! Even if there’s tons of ethnic restaurants around, you’re missing out on the full true experience with all the local spices in a region and the thousands of years of culinary tradition.

If you love food, there’s a host of great countries out there waiting for you to try them – here’s just a few.

  • Vietnam

If you’ve only ever had Pho outside of Vietnam, you’ve never had Pho.

The Vietnamese food utilize a whole variety of different ingredients that bombard your palette in different ways. From shrimp paste to Thai basil and their unique fruits and vegetables, Vietnamese food is unlike any other in the world.

Top Dishes include: Pho, Cha Ca, Banh mi, Banh Xeo, and Goi cuon.

  • Greece

A lot of things started in Greece, not the least of which is Greek Salad. It worth pointing out that they just call it salad over there, so don’t order a “Greek” salad.

Top Dishes include: Greek salad, Souvlaki, and Mousaka.

  • Italy

Pronounced EAT-aly, the boot of the Mediterranean has long been a hearth for some of the finest chefs known to man.

For a quick guide on Italian food, just look at their flag. Anything green, red and white looks and tastes great in this country. So go ahead and enjoy the mozzarella, tomato and basil bread in a country where freshness is the main ingredient.

Top Dishes include: Pizza (duh), Pasta (of the Carbonara or Pesto varieties), Caprese, and Panna cotta for dessert.

  • Pakistan

Not a fan of pork? No problem!

Pakistan is refreshingly devoid of cooked pork thanks to the Islamic religion. This country’s denizens prefer beef, chicken, fish and vegetables. Their dishes are also an explosion of spices and flavor with a flurry of ingredients including chili powder, curry, paprika, and garlic.

Top Dishes include: Shahi Tukra, Chicken Tandoori, Roti (the most amazing bread on the planet), Dhal (lentil soup!), and Raita.

  • The Philippines

Filipino food is a complex blend of all the countries that have ever traded with the islands in their history. That includes heavily-influence flavors from India, Spain, China and America.

Top Dishes include: Adobo, Torta (omlette, not cake), Pancit, Lumpia and Puchero.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with extremely harsh winters, which means their cuisine is extremely hearty and fatty – and thus, full of flavor! The cuisine is influenced greatly by Russian culture, but also has its own European roots.

In fact, Russia’s famous beetroot soup (borsch) actually came from Ukraine – and it’s amazing.

Top dishes include: Borsch, Salo (salted pork fat), Gorilka (this isn’t food, it’s Ukrainian vodka, and it’s a very powerful beverage), Vareniki, and Zrazi.