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The Most Popular Happy Hour Cocktails

Nov 6, 2017

“To each his own” is a popular phrase – and one that’s uniquely American. After all, what’s more American than freedom?

Well, there’s happy hours. And happy hour means cocktails.

Of course, there’s literally thousands upon thousands of combinations, most of which we only know by name. Everyone has their usual go-to, but sometimes it’s a good time for a shake-up.

Don’t make the mistake of ordering two-ingredient cocktail either. Simplicity is boring, and there are so many better options to choose from.

Here’s the most popular cocktails to help you break the ice with a potential new happy hour favorite.

  • Mojito

Mixed in with mint and lime, this tropical white rum beverage is an ode to the swishing palms of Miami’s South Beach.

Even the backstory is impressive, as it was first concocted by an English pirate in the sixteenth century. At first, the drink was called “El Draque” after Sir Francis Drake. Now its name harkens back to Cuba, where the word “mojo” is the word for a lime-based seasoning.

Mojitos can be made a few diffe

rent ways – but the general mixture is white rum and soda water mixed in with lime juice, sugar and mint. It’s usually served in a highball glass and topped off with a mint leaf or a lime wedge.

Some famous mojito connoisseurs include one Ernest Hemingway, who was famous for drinking one virtually every day at La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba.

  • Manhatten

This little cocktail has a story behind it. Deep within its shadowy sweet vermouth and smokey whiskey lies a story of political intrigue and New York scandal.

It’s said to have originated at a musky downtown club in Manhattan, New York. Its debut was at none-other than presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden’s fundraiser hosted by Winston Churchill’s mother.  It would seem Lady Churchill was destined to only sire one political legend as Tilden ended up losing, but at least he left us this classic beverage instead of some lame concession speech.

Here’s to you, Sammy.

  • Cosmopolitan

Affectionately called a cosmo by your local tavern woo-girl, this classy beverage comes at you with lemon vodka masked by a lethal triple sec.

A lady by the name of Cheryl Cook claims to be the angel who invented this little number sometime around 1985. Though it wasn’t until it became a trend thanks to its recurring-role among the cast of Sex and the City in the 1990’s that it became the drink of choice for young ladies.

And just like those ladies, this drink can be deceptively strong. Bartenders everywhere mix this drink in with cranberry and lime juice – followed by a solid chill and a shake into a slender martini glass.

And there you have it – three classics that will quickly spice up your drinking game. Don’t settle for a vodka soda when you can have your choice of any one of these three beverages.

We promise, you won’t regret it…at least not until the morning.

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